LSI.online German | Demonstration Unit

The courses for acquiring reading skills in German using the platform LSI.online are based on 600 authentic texts, arranged into 20 topics, in which different aspects of Germany like its social, cultural and spiritual life become visible. In particular they deal with topics such as history, society, politics, literature, language, culture and art, religion, education, economy as well as the scientific philosophy and technology. The texts are different in both their length and level of difficulty.
When working on the platform, no dictionaries or grammar books are necessary as all texts are provided with additional information options and tools which allow you to quickly and efficiently work on and understand the text. As well as a clear improvement in your reading skills, learning with LSI.online German also ensures a considerable growth in your individual vocabulary, gives you profound knowledge in the structure of the German language and supports the ability in developing your own realistic picture of Germany.
The following demonstration unit gives a first impression of the course content and also the possibilities to learn and work with LSI.online German.

Demonstration Unit 1

To open this unit please click on the name "Demonstration Unit 1".